• Online & Offline Events

    Online mentorship programme, masterclass series, as well as real life workshops and retreats

  • Creativity & Improvisation

    An opportunity to enable your full artistic potential and find own creative expression through improvisation

  • Holistic Approach

    Exploring technical topics, as well as wider philosophical perspectives, career management and lifestyle

With over 35 years of practice as a classically trained violinist, electronic music composer, producer and live performer, Sebastian Mullaert has been evolving constantly in his artistic pursuit. From his breakthrough projects Minilogue & Son Kite, through explorations in modern classical with the Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra and the improvised live concept Circle Of Live, he has won countless accolades such as a Swedish Grammy Award and been voted amongst Resident Advisor’s top live acts in the world.  

The intention behind this project is to share his wealth of knowledge and inspire the next generation of artists in their creative practice.