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About Circle Of Live - "In Bloom"

Educational platform for workshops, masterclasses, courses and retreats

This project aim is to create a space that enables expression to take place.

We believe that improvised music is an expression of this very life, of us. Thus, creativity and the flow of the experience are felt not only by those who manifest the music, but also by those who are experiencing it - artists and audience are equally in the flow of creativity. 

We feel we are the stream of consciousness that experiences life right now. Letting such take form, changing it, and exploring it - that is being creative.

"Creativity is not a separated activity, it’s not part of a certain personality or something that some people have. We are all creativity and being creative is our nature."

Circle Of Live is a reminder of this, and our wish is not only to discuss, but to invite anyone who is joining us to create the opportunity for exploring and finding out themselves - we don’t want to tell them any truths.   This approach is at the core of all Circle of Live activities; dance nights, concerts, studio sessions, workshops, creative retreats and anything else we may do further on. We try to include every conscious being we meet into this approach … may they be artists, audiences, managers, press agents, manufactures or anyone else we work with (including ourselves). We want to inspire with what we do, we want to express in a way that helps us and other stay aware and alive..

Our vision for In Bloom follows this same approach and philosophy. We honour improvisation and spontaneity, not only as our working method but also as the way we feel life is actually lived - us being the consciousness where the change of life is taking place. Therefore any Circle of Live event is an invitation to meet your true self, regardless of the temporary form and role you are expressing right now.

Circle Of Live

Circle Of Live is an event series, record label, and educational platform. An experience unhindered from any formal structure, allowing both the performers and audience to explore the boundaries of electronic music improvisation in all of its raw beauty. Sebastian Mullaert curates a collective of acclaimed, electronic live artists who express themselves and interact at leading venues around the world. Since the launch in July 2018, each of the all-night-long, freeform improvised jam sessions comprise of both collaborative and solo performances, with no set times decided in advance, allowing the natural flow to lead the way.
Sebastian Mullaert's Circle Of Live

Sebastian Mullaert

When you listen to Sebastian Mullaert’s music you will feel something enchanting, a resonance that delivers truth, integrity and reminds us to simply be. The Swedish artist has a distinct approach to life, as well as music, which is centred around tranquillity, stillness and the convergence of Zen meditation, nature and creativity. Known for his work as one half of Minilogue, Sebastian is also an accomplished solo artist with new material ready to roll. As an artist that is constantly evolving he has taken a bold new direction in his sonic exploration, immersing himself in the neo-classical scene and joining forces with one of the top 10 philharmonic orchestras in the world - Tonhalle Zürich.
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