Limited to 35 Participants

Starting 13th September 2022, once a month

  • 10 x 3,5 hours group sessions taking place every month

  • Interactive live video format, and additional feedback sessions

  • Each student will get 3x one-one-ones for individual feedback

  • Every session concludes with a Q&A

You need to have completed Sebastian Mullaert’s 10-week online mentorship and Pt.II in order to join the Online Mentorship Pt. III. Here you will work together with other students, supporting each other in feedback sessions and working towards a tangible project.

With Part III, the intention is to give full space for your art and your own voice to take place. By the end of this 10-month programme, you will have finalised an album and/or a live set. 


Tuesday 13th September, 18 - 22h
Tuesday 4th October, 18 - 22 h
Tuesday 15th November, 18 - 22h
Wednesday 7th December, 18 - 22h
Tuesday 17th January, 18 - 22h
Tuesday 7th February, 18 - 22h
Tuesday 7th March ,18 - 22h
Tuesday 11th April, 18 - 22h
Tuesday May 18th, - 22h
Wednesday 7th June, 18 - 22h

Full Programme Pricing

10 Group Sessions / 18:00h CET

  • €1.500,00

    Regular Price

  • 10 x €151,65

    Split into 10 monthly payments



  • Who is this course suitable for?

    The course is for anyone who has already completed Sebastian Mullaert's Online mentorship programme part I and part II, and wants to dive deeper into their creative expression and art by working on an album and/or live set of their own.

  • What do I need to set up for the course?

    A Zoom account and Ableton Live. The course will be run with Ableton Live. It’s great if you have an Ableton account and have basic knowledge about the program. If you use another DAW before you can also download the trial version of Ableton and use that during the course. You may also use the 40% educational discount available to all In Bloom community members.

  • Will you be sharing the session recordings with participants?

    No, we are not sending recordings to participants after the group sessions. The intention is to practice presence, and experience the course in the moment, focusing on improvisation and real-time feedback. One-on-one sessions will be recorded however and shared upon request.

  • What if I cannot make it to a session?

    This can happen, such as in real life things sometimes come up. You receive follow up emails after every session with the main points and some exercises for you to integrate into your practice, so you don't miss out entirely. In cases of longer sickness where a participant starts missing out on several sessions, we look at this personally.

  • Is the course in English?

    Yes, the course is in English.

  • I'm joining the course with a friend or studio partner, can we request to be in the same group?

    Yes, you may do so in the sign up you receive upon conformation.